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Katherine has extensive experience in both the corporate and charity worlds which makes her well placed to help Getting on Board improve the quality of trustees and encourage more people to get involved in volunteering opportunities.


One of the early pioneers of Corporate Social Responsibility, Katherine founded CSR consultancy Flamingo more than a decade ago to bridge the gap between corporate organisations and charities.


Katherine brings with her a first-hand understanding of the importance of trusteeship, as a trustee at the Rainbow Centre for Children and as the founder and trustee of Flamingo Foundation, a charity that focuses on sustainability and empowerment.


She has been awarded numerous acolades, including the 'Outstanding Young Person of the World Award', presented to her in Taipei, Taiwan.




Katherine Sparkes

Chief Executive

“Whenever there is an opportunity to promote trusteeship, Katherine takes that chance. She’s extremely passionate about the personal, professional and community benefits of being a trustee and her enthusiasm for getting people of all ages on boards is infectious.


Katherine manages to be both approachable and inspirational at the same time, making her an ideal role model for people who are considering trusteeship”.


Alex Swallow, founder of Young Charity Trustees and Programme Director of the Charity Leaders' Exchange.