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By Getting-On-Board, Jan 2 2015 11:29AM

At the start of a new year we all take the opportunity to assess our ambitions and goals in life, so it is no surprise that January is the time of year when we get the most enquiries about trusteeships.

Being a trustee is a fantastic way to contribute and to learn a new empathy about the challenges people face, all the while learning new skills, improving your CV, meeting new friends and building your networks.

Research shows a direct link between trusteeship and improved professional prospects. Almost a quarter of trustees (22%) have had a promotion as a result of their board-level volunteering and 98% say they would recommend the experience.

For women, 74% say they’ve improved in confidence thanks to being a trustee, and 38% have new leadership aspirations as a result. Board-level volunteering is doing wonders for UK employers too. Most (85%) bosses said trusteeship is an effective and low-cost way for staff to develop skills, and 62% bosses believe that firms that encourage trusteeships among employees positively raise their corporate responsibility profile.

So why not become a board-level volunteer and 2015 could become the year that you change lives (including your own!).

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