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By Getting-On-Board, Sep 16 2014 04:15PM

The success of #icebucketchallenge and #nomakeupselfie have shown that people love telling their friends what to do, especially when it’s for a good cause!

In the run up to Trustees’ Week 2014 this November, we’re starting a campaign called #nominateatrustee to get people to nominate friends, family, colleagues and contacts to be Trustees.

Charities are crying out for skilled, passionate Trustees who can help them deliver on their mission and enable them support some of the most vulnerable people in the country.

With over half of all UK charities currently having at least one vacancy, we need new trustees now more than ever before!

Many people take a while to build up the confidence to go for a Board position but when they take the plunge they find that they are really able to make a difference, their fellow Trustees are nice people - and they learn a lot too. You nominating them could be the push they need to go for it. Perhaps you know that a contact of yours cares about a particular cause - why not encourage them to be a Trustee?

To nominate someone, all you have to do is to use the hashtag #nominateatrustee and then include someone in a tweet or Facebook/LinkedIn/any other social media update. Of course, you can nominate more than one person at once.

If they would like more information about how to become a Trustee, please feel free to direct them to Getting On Board. We run a Signposting Service that helps individuals to find trustee roles that suit their needs and passions – just click on the 'Signposting' tab along the top of this page - or email for more information.

Happy nominating and thanks for your help!

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