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Andrew has over 25 years of experience in the cultural, charity and education sectors and now has a portfolio of consultancy and philanthropy support activities through Jay Charity Consultancy Services. His background in programme management and organisational development means he can support organisations to develop and overcome problems. His experience and knowledge of grant making, fundraising and major donor relationship management means he is able to support organisations, companies and individuals with their philanthropic journey. Andrew has worked for both large and small charities across the arts, grant making, disability, volunteering, youth development and environmental areas across the UK. 


As Head of Programmes at the London Community Foundation he advised and supported many senior leadership teams in charities and social enterprises, as they grew their organisations. Andrew as UK Regions and Nations Senior Manager for Youth Music, he developed the regional support and partnership work across the country, developing a great understanding of the different issues facing small grass roots organisations in the English regions. For Youth Music he facilitated the development of Regional Plans that brought together funders, arts and community organisations and local authorities to create meaningful partnerships and projects for young people that addressed the differing challenges each region faced.


He has worked with charities, not-for-profit organisations, foundations, grant makers and philanthropists to “help to make a real difference” by working with clients to solve problems, provide insights and overcome the many challenges that organisations face as they make an impact on the lives of their beneficiaries. Andrew’s work focuses on capacity building, governance, strategic and business planning, project management, theory of change, impact measurement, funding and working in mixed economy, grant application and management. He is a strong collaborator with a positive attitude and future vision and commitment to developing business processes and growth.


Andrew is a Associate Member of the Institute of Fundraising and a member of Consultants for Good. He is currently a Trustee for the Brighton and Hove LGBT Switchboard.

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