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 One-to-one coaching

Our one-to-one coaching service will support you along your journey to become a charity trustee.


Is one-to-one coaching right for me?

If you’ve decided that you want to become a trustee, have a working knowledge of what being a trustee involves and are looking for some one-to-one help with your trusteeship position research and applications, then Board Match is right for you. 


If you want to learn more about the role of a trustee, network with other aspiring trustees, benefit from peer support as well as one-to-one help then our Charity Board Leadership Programme is likely to be a better fit for you. 

The coaching process outlined


  • Once you've completed a registration form and we’ve matched you with the Getting on Board coach that’s right for you, you book in a one-hour audio or video call together.

  • Your coach follows up the call with two tailored briefing packs, packed with useful information about becoming a trustee that will guide you through researching and selecting the right charities for you to apply for a trustee role.

  • You can access a further hour of one-to-one support from your dedicated Getting on Board coach at any time over the following six months to help you prepare your applications and get ready for interview.


Recap your knowledge of the charity sector

Your coach will spend time answering the most common questions around trusteeship such as time commitment and liability. The call is tailored to you and how much you already know about trusteeship.

Define your passions and interests

Drawing on information in your registration form your coach will help you identify a shortlist of causes and types of charities that might be of interest to you.  You’ll also explore why you want to become a trustee and what sort of organisation suits your personality best. 

Marketing yourself as a potential trustee

Your coach will explain some of the common challenges that charities face and how your background might be helpful to charities. 


Together you and your Getting on Board coach will explore how to describe your skills, experience and knowledge in your letter of interest, CV and at interview, to maximise your chances of success.


You will have an in-depth discussion of your professional, and personal background and how best to present these so that charities understand what it is you offer them. 

Support you to to find the trustee role for you

Your coach will explain the most common ways to find trustee vacancies and ways to apply. They will introduce you to the key trustee finder sites and talk through the due diligence you should follow and how to spot red flags around poor governance.


Equip you with the skills to find and apply for a
trustee role

You will be able to have an in depth-discussion about cover letters, CVs and speculative approaches. We’ll also touch on how to research the charities that interest you, and how to prepare for a trustee interview.

Help you to become an effective trustee

All new trustees want to do the best job they can for their chosen charity. We’ll explain how you can make sure you receive full induction and training so that you hit the ground running and keep up to speed with charity governance. Your coach will also outline some of the key attributes of the most effective trustees.

You may not need all of the above, so your coach will ask you at the start of the call what you would like to focus on.

Briefing pack

You will receive a briefing pack straight after your call. This includes templates cover letters, a list of websites from where you can research vacancies and other relevant information tailored to you.

Follow up call

After the main call, you will have up to one hour of further support from your coach to take up at any point over the following six weeks.  You can use this time in the way that best supports you.


Other successful aspiring trustees have asked their Getting on Board coach for CV or cover letter feedback, or for help preparing for an interview. While your coach cannot compile a vacancy list or complete an application on your behalf, we are able to support you while you complete these yourself. 



The one-to-one coaching service is £225. 

Working with your employer

Does your company have a budget for learning and development? Many of our candidates ask their employer to pay our fee since becoming a trustee is a brilliant way to develop and enhance skills, networks and strategic board experience.

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