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Trustee Learning Programme

General Information

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Find the Collection that's right for you

Aspiring Trustees

For anyone considering becoming a trustee - these sessions will introduce trusteeship and help you find the best way to present your skills, knowledge and lived and learned experience, how to identify your purpose, will discuss challenges you might encounter and much more. You can also prepare for the role ahead by dipping into essential skills and knowledge.

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Newly Appointed Trustees

These sessions are aimed at demystifying trusteeship and what goes on in the boardroom as well as providing a solid grounding in subjects such as how to read financial statements and governance 101.

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Recruiting Trustees

A collection of sessions that help charity leaders and staff equip their organisations with the tools, resources, rationale and know-how to set up and maintain open recruitment policies to find the best trustees for them. 

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Trustee Refresher

Been a trustee for a while but want to give your learning a boost? Or have an area of knowledge that’s always been a bit fuzzy? These are the sessions for you. 

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Hot Topics

These are the fascinating, sometimes challenging, current issues that impact our roles as trustees. The format of these might be panels or webinars. Some subjects up for dissection will include why too much governance is actually a bad thing, why trustees should keep their noses in and fingers out, and how to deal with board conflict.

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Taking on New Responsibilities

If you’re finding being a trustee so rewarding that you want to take on more responsibilities - perhaps move onto a chair, vice chair or treasurer role, or chairing a subcommittee then this collection will help.

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Skilling Up

This collection covers a range of subjects, all related to deepening your knowledge of essential board matters. Target areas include addressing challenges around fundraising, deepening your financial understanding, how boards can work most effectively with the CEO.

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