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 Working with employers and universities

Developing your people's leadership by helping charities develop theirs

Working with employers

Business Meeting

Why develop your people to be trustees

We work in partnership with universities, businesses and other charities to help develop their people to become trustees.

Guiding your employees and students to become a charity trustee is a proven alternative to developing your talent pool with conventional leadership training.

It is a cost effective strategy that offers learning by doing with measurable results that benefits your organisation, your employees and society at large.

There are myriad transferable skills in becoming a trustee:


  • 96% of trustees said they had learned new skills

  • 38% had leadership ambitions as a result

  • 74% of women trustees said it improved their confidence

  • 86% said it was a good complement to professional and family life

Working with employers

We work with forward thinking universities and businesses to help them train their employees to become trustees. You can read more about the type of work we do together here.

Benefitting your organisation and your people

Our work with managers, executives, administrators, students and workers just like yours helps them become committed and confident charity board

Leading a charity helps equip your people with the skills and mindsets needed to
tackle today's leadership issues and translate that into action within your

Office Meeting

These organisations have all helped change the face of trusteeship by making trusteeship more accessible through our work together.

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