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Future Trustees Programme

Are you between 18-30 years old? Do you want to make an impact to a cause or community you’re passionate about? 


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Turning passion into purpose

Younger people are under-represented on trustee boards. The average age of a trustee is 60-62 and only 0.5% of trustees are 18-24, despite making up 12% of the population. Charities are missing out on the experience, knowledge and point of view that young people bring. Many young people are already active volunteers, starter uppers and social campaigners but may not know how to bring their skills and passion to a charity board. The Future Trustee Programme gives step by step training, advice and support. 

The Future Trustees Programme has two stages. Stage one: join our free one-hour introductory webinar to inform you about trusteeship, and help you decide whether you might like to become a charity trustee.

Once you've completed the webinar, you can join our free six-week training programme. Each cohort is limited to 20 participants and takes place online.


A number of of our Future Trustees programmes focus specifically on women aged between 18-30 as they are particularly under-represented on charity boards. 

Going further

You will cover:

  • How to assess your own skills accurately

  • How to find a trustee vacancy, complete due diligence and apply for roles

  • Preparing for interview

  • An introduction to charity finances

  • What to expect in the boardroom

  • Much more!


Stage two of this brilliant programme is on pause while we seek funding. Can you help us?

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Other actions you can take now



If you’re under 30, you can also consider joining the excellent Young Trustees Movement to receive helpful information, networking opportunities and guidance.

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