Group training and support

Do you work with a group of people you would like to support to become trustees? You can commission our bespoke training for your employees, charity staff, students or members and have us sculpt an offering that aligns perfectly with your organisation's values and needs. 

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Charity Board Kickstarter workshop

Your employees and volunteers are very well placed to become excellent trustees.  This one-hour workshop comprising introductory information on the role of a trustee, where to look for a trusteeship and how to apply, is delivered by one of our highly experienced trainers using a blend of expert content, interactive exercises and an optional panel of trustees to talk about their experiences in a webinar or seminar. 

The workshop includes the role of trustees, including common concerns (e.g. time management, liability), finding the right role, and making a successful application. 

Please contact us via you would like to discuss arranging a Charity Board Kickstarter workshop.


Face to face workshop for unlimited participants


Online workshop for unlimited participants


Becoming a trustee masterclass

This 5-hour masterclass can support up to 10 individuals to identify and apply for trustee positions. This can be delivered in one face-to-face session or as separate online sessions. The masterclass provides brilliant guidance for individuals who know that they want to become trustees and would like support to secure the right position. Attendees are supported to draft live trustee applications during the masterclass.

The masterclass covers: 

  • Articulating what you have to offer as a trustee

  • Finding the right trustee role

  • Writing your compelling trustee application: CV, cover letter and approach via LinkedIn

  • Preparing for a trustee interview

  • Getting off to a flying start as a new trustee

Please contact us via you would like to discuss arranging a Becoming a Trustee masterclass.


Face to face masterclass for up to 10 participants


Online masterclass series for up to 10 participants


Writing on the Board
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Board Match 

If any of your people would like individual support with their trustee applications, you can commission our Board Match one-to-one coaching service to help them. 

Costs: £225 per person

Charity Board Leadership Programme

Support your people to participate in the Charity Board Leadership Programme, our flagship programme for aspiring trustees. If you have a minimum of 10 individuals you can also commission your own in-house cohort. The programme habitually takes place online but please do contact us via you would like to discuss a face-to-face programme.

Costs: £875 per person 

Please contact us via you would like to discuss arranging either of these opportunities. 

Getting on Board Membership Scheme

If your organisation regularly accesses our training and services or you want to build access to charity board leadership into your employee benefits package then joining the Getting on Board membership scheme could be right for you.  


Benefits include:

  • A regular programme of events and services to train your staff to become trustees included within the membership fee

  • Additional exclusive member events 

  • Bespoke content and case studies for your own communication channels

  • Timetables, scale of delivery and specifications all customised for you 

  • An annual strategic review and planning meeting with the Getting on Board CEO & Membership Manager 

  • Access to a community of like-minded organisations via our advisory network (for premium members)

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