You don't have to be invited to become a trustee.


You can apply to an advertised vacancy, or reach out to a charity that you think would be a good fit for your skills and interests, to see if they're recruiting.

We offer guidance on how to apply, where to look for vacancies, and a six-week expert-led course that will take you from interested to expert.

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It’s up to each charity how it wants to recruit its trustees, and all charities are different. More and more are recruiting using the same formal processes as they might use when hiring staff. You’ll see an advert, send in your CV, and be invited in for a chat.

The best charities will tend to recruit trustees in small groups to make sure they get a diverse range of candidates, and will have a list of the skills that they’re looking for. But the process isn’t usually as strict as it might be when recruiting staff. It can be a bit more informal, and you don’t have to be a perfect match to the spec. 

One of the most important things about trustees is not their skills, but how different they are from one another. So it’s never certain that your face won’t fit.



What is a trustee and how to become one: an introduction (workshop or webinar)

Start out on the trustee journey, with 101 training on all you need to know about charity board membership

See our upcoming workshops.  Why not ask your employer to commission one? Read about our services for employers.

​Joining a charity board as a volunteer trustee (workshop or online masterclasses)

A longer, more in-depth workshop, or series of online masterclasses, designed to help you secure a trustee position. The training covers: the charity sector context and the need for impactful trustees; the role of an effective trustee; the typical work of a charity board; how to conduct a trustee role search and make a compelling application. See our upcoming workshops.

Charity Board Leadership Programme

Work with charity sector experts to learn about effective charity governance, find a trustee role that’s perfect for you, with specialised support from application to interview.  We are now open for applications for our 2021 programmes. Read more and apply here.

Cost: £875


Board Match 

One-to-one remote coaching service which will advise you how to become a trustee, help you to clarify what you are looking for, and give you tips for finding and applying for vacancies. Apply here.

Cost: £225.

Diversity Programmes

All of our programmes get more people involved in volunteering as trustees, but we also have some special programmes for groups who are particularly poorly represented on charity boards. We're currently running programmes for young women in Bedfordshire and Cambridge with the kind support of The Wixamtree Trust and The WF Southall Trust. These programmes are free to access and seek to tackle the fact that only 3% of trustees are under 30 and only 1/3 of trustees are women. Get in touch for more information or if you'd like to support such a  programme in your area.

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