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Keeping the Trustee Learning Programme free

Generous sponsorship from committed partners has made this possible

We’re a small charity.

There’s no way we would have been able to deliver our new and ambitious Trustee Learning Programme for free without the generosity and support of our sponsors.

In reaching out to sponsors we’ve approached it with our mission in mind. They encompass diverse sectors united in their belief that boards perform better when trustees are equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience to make a difference.

Getting on Board’s Chief Executive Penny Wilson says, ‘The UK's one million charity trustees are busy people with day jobs, caring responsibilities, studies and other volunteer roles. In Getting on Board's recent research, the support trustees said they most wanted was bite-size training on trustee issues. Trustees want training which helps them to be great trustees which is high quality, free, easily digestible and accessible from their own homes. This is what the Trustee Learning Programme is.’

It’s a sentiment echoed by Carla Whalen, partner at top 100 London-based law firm Russell-Cooke who are sponsoring all our webinars that relate to governance. She says, ‘The strength of the charity sector relies on trustees who generously volunteer their time and expertise. Russell-Cooke fully supports Getting on Board’s mission to widen access to trusteeships and bring new perspectives to charity boards, so we are delighted to be supporting the Trustee Learning Programme. We know first-hand the difference that easy access to good quality, reliable advice and guidance can make and we’re pleased that with our support this can be provided free of charge for all to access.’

Rathbones investment and wealth management service professionals are equally enthusiastic. They are supporting the delivery of our finance webinars. Jessica Els, Senior Marketing Executive – London, Cambridge & Charities says, ‘Being aware of their financial duties and responsibilities will help trustees carry out their role in a way that not only serves their charity well, but also gives them the confidence that they are complying with their responsibilities as set out in regulation and law. All trustees share responsibility for their charity, and it is important that they are aware that responsibility for the financials doesn’t just sit with the treasurer or finance sub-committee.’

We’re also incredibly grateful for the support of five leading recruitment agencies. Charisma, Diversifying Group, Starfish,TPP and Peridot have come together to support the webinars that relate to trustee recruitment and becoming a trustee.

Finally but by no means least, our huge thanks and appreciation to the Co-op Foundation, who are supporting some of the staff time which goes into co-ordinating such a large programme.

As Penny says, ‘We are over the moon to be able to launch this programme with the help of our supporters. A huge thank you to the Co-op Foundation, Rathbones Investment Management, Russell Cooke, the City Bridge Trust, and recruitment agencies Charisma, TPP, Diversifying Group, Peridot and Starfish. Without them, the Trustee Learning Programme simply wouldn't exist.’

The Trustee Learning Programme is free and bookings are open now.



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