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New 2019 programmes for aspiring trustees

It’s an exciting week at Getting on Board HQ as we’ve launched our 2019 public events and programmes for people who want to find out more about becoming trustees and those who know they want to be a trustee but need support to find a role.

A 2-hour workshop for people that want to know more about becoming a trustee: what the role entails, what to expect, how to find a match with your interests and how to apply.

A 3-hour workshop for people that already know that they want to be a trustee and want help finding and applying for a trustee role.

A more in depth programme for people that know they want to be a trustee, want support to find a role and, critically, want to be equipped to serve as an effective trustee. Deadline for applications 23rd April 2019.

All of these programmes are in London but we’d love to come to other locations in England and Wales. Get in touch ( if your network or organisation would like to invite us to deliver one of these events for your members or colleagues.



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