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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Board Behaviours

Good Bad Ugly Feb 2019 Diana Garnham for
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If you've ever sat through a trustee board meeting horrified at the behaviour going on around you, you will enjoy reading Diana Garnham's paper about the poor behaviour which can be exhibited by trustees.

Most of us haven't been unlucky enough to sit on those rare boards that exhibit the extremes of these behaviours, but there may be a dose of some of these failings in all boards.

The paper takes a light-hearted look at dysfunctional boards, as well as outlining what an effective board looks and feels like which is helpful to existing trustees, chairs, charity CEOs and aspiring trustees alike.

Diana presented her thoughts at Getting on Board's TrusteeTalk event in February 2019, hosted by ICSA The Governance Institute. She advises that the report is read alongside Julia Unwin's work on the 5Ss of good governance.



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