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Sarah has experience of charities and public sector organisations in all shapes and sizes: from working in national and local organisations as an employee, volunteer and trustee to working alongside them as a freelance consultant, a public sector employee and a non executive director of health trusts.


Sarah is passionate about good governance in every charity and public sector organisation. Supporting that has been a focus in many jobs and her day to day work now with school governors, parish councils and with Getting on Board.


As a trustee she knows the rewards, and challenges, of good trusteeship and good governance. She is committed to supporting trustees, governors and non executive directors to apply their skills and experience in ways that ensure the most effective contributions of charities and public sector organisations whatever their focus or remit.


Living in a rural area Sarah has particular insights into the needs of national and local charities operating in those areas. But with many years of life and work in London and Cambridge and national and regional roles in English and UK wide charities the needs of city based charities are no stranger to her.

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