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Transform: turbocharging trustee diversity


A trustee recruitment programme for charities who wish to take action to diversify their board
Registration for the autumn programme of Transform will open soon. 

Trustee diversity in England and Wales is poor. In 2021, charity boards remain less diverse than the FTSE 100. Just 36% of trustees are women and 8% are people of colour. The average age of a trustee is 60–62 years (Charity Commission for England and Wales, and Inclusive Boards). Charities are losing out on diverse talent, knowledge and inspiration.

Many charities want to improve their trustee diversity but don’t know where to start. Getting on Board can help.

Our Transform programme will guide you through a trustee recruitment process which will improve the diversity of protected characteristics on your board (most likely to be age, racial and/or gender diversity but we support with other areas too), recruiting to the skills, knowledge and experience which will strengthen your organisation.

We will teach you how to recruit and retain diverse trustees, and guide you through a live trustee recruitment process. You will recruit new trustees within 6 months of the start of the programme.

Your organisation will join a small cohort of other charities, with one or two representatives from each charity.

Elements of the programme
  1. An introductory webinar for up to 10 members of your board and senior exec outlining the programme and explaining the board’s role in trustee diversity and inclusion. This webinar will be for all 16 organisations and a recording will be available for any of your trustees or staff who can’t attend the live session.

  2. Five online, live masterclasses (1.5 hours each) for one or two members of your board or senior staff team, taking you through the implementation of your recruitment campaign. You will learn alongside 15 other charities. At least one representative should attend every masterclass.

  3. One-to-one support and coaching from Getting on Board throughout the recruitment process.

  4. Drop-in clinics to support with any issues during the recruitment process.

  5. You will recruit new trustees. Please note that Getting on Board is not a recruitment agency and we will not recruit trustees on your behalf. We believe that by showing charities how to recruit effectively, it will equip them to establish and maintain board diversity and inclusion.

  6. Some centralised advertising to potential candidates by Getting on Board (but please note that you will be primarily advertising yourselves, with our guidance).

  7. An optional closed session for your board on their role in inclusive governance.

  8. Optional induction training (two one-hour webinars, at fixed times with the new trustees from the rest of the cohort) for your new trustees. Recordings will be available for those who can’t attend live.

All training will be delivered online.


Who is it for?
  • Any charity which wishes to improve its board diversity.

  • You can be of any size and operating in any cause and geographic area.

  • You must have full board support for the programme.

  • Your board should want to improve its diversity because it believes that diverse voices will strengthen the organisation, not because it simply wants to appear to be diverse.

  • You should be open to recruiting more than one new trustee. This is not essential but it will help your organisation to reap the benefits of its new trustees, and it will help your new trustees to contribute.

  • As well as the contact time of the programme, you will need to have the staff or trustee time to recruit trustees. This will be an estimated three days total of administration, plus time for board discussions, processing applications, shortlisting, interviews, appointment and induction. Some of the administration may be able to be delegated but the board’s involvement in the latter stages of the process will be essential.

  • It will be helpful if your board has already discussed its possible skills, knowledge, experience gaps (as well as the areas of diversity that you wish to improve) so that you can recruit at the intersection of skills/knowledge/experience and diversity. If you are not yet sure what your gaps are, we can support with that.

The autumn 2021 cohort dates will be announced soon.


£1,550 per organisation.

Option to add £875 to support a person of colour to access our Charity Board Leadership Programme.


How to register
Registration for our autumn course will open soon.

Please get in touch if you have any queries or would like to pre-register.