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Why Transform?

Trustee diversity in England and Wales is poor. In 2021, charity boards remain less diverse than the FTSE 100. Just 36% of trustees are women and 8% are people of colour. The average age of a trustee is 60–62 years (Charity Commission for England and Wales, and Inclusive Boards). Charities are losing out on diverse talent, knowledge and inspiration.


Getting on Board believes board diversity means having a mix of people on a charity board who have the relevant skills, knowledge, lived and learned experience and background to do the job well and that the mix is representative of the community served and society as a whole. 


Inclusion is creating the right environment in which they can thrive and enabling them to do the work they have been appointed to do. 

​We’re here to change the face of trusteeship and can help your organisation play a leading role.

What people say

‘100% of the charities, in our first cohort, that have gone through the Transform programme have appointed new trustees who meet their needs within six months of completing.’ 

Kathryn Sullivan, Transform Programme Director

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Is Transform right for my charity?

Transform is a powerful programme that can bring deep and dynamic change to charities, regardless of size, cause or geographic location.


To gain the benefits, you must have full board support. Their buy-in is essential. Your board should want to improve its diversity because it shares our belief that diverse voices will strengthen the organisation, not because it simply wants to appear to be diverse.


In addition to the time allowed for the masterclasses and introduction webinar, your charity will also need an additional three days of administration time. Your board also needs to allow at least three further days for board discussions, processing applications, shortlisting, interviews, appointment and the induction of new trustees. The board’s involvement in the latter stages of the process will be essential.

What does Transform involve?

  • All our training is delivered online.

  • An introductory webinar for up to 10 members of your board and senior executives outlines the programme and explains the board’s role in trustee diversity and inclusion.  

  • Your organisation joins a small cohort of other charities,  each represented by 1-2 participants, ideally with at least one trustee.

  • Five online, live masterclasses (2 hours each) for 1-2 trustees or senior staff members, take you through how to plan and run a successful open recruitment campaign.

  • You can access one-to-one support and coaching from Getting on Board throughout the recruitment process.

  • After the 5 core workshops, there is a final, optional session for participants to work through any sticking points they have encountered through the process

  • Our expert trainers offer an optional closed session for your board to help them understand their role in inclusive governance.

  • We offer optional induction training for your new trustees.

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Dates and costs

Getting on Board runs six cohorts a year, two each concurrently in spring, summer and autumn. Applications are currently open for autumn 2021 and Spring 2022, see the dates and registration details below.

Transform Cohorts

Autumn 2021

Spring 2022

Summer 2022


12 Oct - 30 Nov

8 Feb - 29 March

26 April - 21 June

Deadline for registration

4 October

18 Jan

5 April


Just £1,559 will secure your organisation's place