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Trustee success stories

Becoming a trustee could boost your career, your health and your happiness. Read our stories about why and how others have become trustees.

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Fozia Haider

A charity worker who wanted to learn the principles of good governance.


“Our local council gave us the plot of land. Seven women turned up with umbrellas to start digging in the downpour.” remembers Fozia Haider, speaking about the mental health and gardening project she initiated with the McPin Foundation and Mind. "

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Anbreen Bi

A med student who wanted to take her volunteering to a new level.

“There weren’t many people of my background – working class, BAME, having grown up relying on benefits - at Cambridge University,” says Anbreen Bi. “But I had family and friends just a call away. They spurred me on, kept me going.”

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