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Charity success stories

We work with many different types of charities from small to federated groups with multiple members to small charities with a minimum of staff and everything in between. What they all have in common is a desire to increase board diversity, strengthen their boards and improve their charities as a result. Our training and services is helping deliver on that. 


Signposts: Pathway to success

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"We’ve started doing regular skills audits so we can fill the knowledge gaps rather than recruiting people the chair liked."

Tim Archbold, CEO Signposts talking about the Transform programme
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Bexley Voluntary Service Council

"We valued the supportive non-judgmental environment. We could say things like, '’m worried about writing an ad for recruiting for a person of colour,' and get guidance."

Vikki Wilkinson, CEO Bexley Voluntary Service Council , talking about the Transform programme
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