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For charitable bodies

Our resources help charities improve their boards with the twin forces of open recruitment and board diversity.

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Helping you improve your board

Our free online trustee recruitment guidance, tools and templates will help your board recruit openly for diverse trustee candidates and give you valuable information on how to make the process as successful and easy as possible.

Getting on Board also runs monthly one-hour webinars and a comprehensive six-week training programme to upskill charity leaders in trustee recruitment and retention best practice. These make sure your charity board is fully equipped in how to create a fair and equitable recruitment process that will enrich your charity with diverse trustees. 

Getting on Board Guides for Charities

Our two free guides for charities are written by charity sector experts and  include real-life case studies, examples and quotes from 30 charities, as well as practical advice and templates for skills audits and adverts. 

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Board Diversity

Having a diverse board that is composed of people with a range of different ethnicities, ages, genders, abilities, social class and backgrounds will strengthen your board. 


Evidence has indicated that companies with diverse management teams outperform their peers. 


Getting on Board offers a suite of affordable services to guide charities through the process, help them assess their needs and train existing trustees on how to recruit and retain diverse trustees.

Webinars: Trustee Learning Programme

Our free monthly webinars can help you develop a robust open recruitment strategy that will help your charity attract the best candidates for the role, not just the ones who are nearest or available to you.

The webinars are also about trustees' continuous learning and development. Expert trainers and facilitators give you the skills to be confident in charity board finance, how to be and excellent trainer and much more. 

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