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Charity Board Leadership Programme 2021 (online)

A unique course for people who are serious about building a charity trusteeship into their portfolio career, active retirement or career path


Sign up for a free information webinar about the Charity Board Leadership Programme on

 Tuesday 8th December 2020, 1-1.45pm.

“The Charity Board Leadership Programme has given me enormous confidence to apply for roles and great insight into what I can offer.”

“Headhunters love people with experience being trustees. They know that you’ve navigated board meetings, complex decision-making processes and developed new skills. Why wouldn’t you seize the opportunity to gain such valuable skills and knowledge, while giving back?”

“It’s always useful to have charity and non-charity people mingling. I’m particularly grateful for the networking opportunities. I’ve got to know people I never would have met."

“I wish I’d done this sooner.”

“Working in the City, we can take our skills for granted. The Charity Board Leadership Programme has shown me ways I can use my skills I had never appreciated.”

“This is one of the best learning experiences that I have had in an absolute age.  So practical but so stimulating but also great for increasing self-awareness.”

Why this course is unique:

  • The course is tailored to you. We support you on your personal journey to finding a trustee position which matches your particular skills and experience with a charity that genuinely needs them, while complementing your own life plans and passions.

  • Participants learn from and network with multiple, senior charity sector experts.

  • Join a small, supportive cohort, from a wide range of professional backgrounds and sectors.


  • We guide you through the trustee application process, giving you 1:1 expert support to find vacancies (including those which aren’t advertised). We help you conduct due diligence and maximise your chances of securing the perfect role.  


  • The course will teach you what makes an effective, strategic and responsible trustee.


  • You will gain an enhanced understanding of the charity sector, how charities operate and how to identify and overcome common charity challenges.


  • The course is fully interactive incorporating live applications, mock interviews, discussions and panels.

Your course fee represents excellent value for money and includes:

  • Twelve hours of live, interactive, online workshops with a variety of charity sector experts

  • One-to-one support for your trustee applications and appointment for the duration of the course and for 6 months afterwards

  • The Charity Board Leadership Programme course pack and unique templates you can use to shape successful applications

  • Further resources and information provided in response to each particular cohort’s interests


  • Membership of The Getting on Board Alumni Network

Previous course cohorts have included individuals who:    

  • Want to build a portfolio career with an element of social good

  • Are approaching retirement after a successful career and want help to find the “right” charity board position

  • Have wanted to be a trustee for some time but haven’t managed to secure a role

  • Have significant career aspirations and want to harness the professional development benefits of becoming a trustee

  • Have only ever worked in the commercial or public sectors, and need expert support to understand charities and their governance

  • Are at a transition point in their personal or professional lives and are seeking to integrate an element of “giving back” into their lives, with a focus on how they can use their hard-earned experience for social good.

All of our participants are fully committed to becoming a trustee in the short term, and are motivated by wanting to use their knowledge, skills and experience for societal good. Most have not served as a trustee before.

Course dates for Spring 2021 are:

Session 1: Thursday 21st January
Session 2: Monday 25th January
Session 3: Thursday 28th January
Session 4: Monday 1st February
Session 5: Monday 8th February
Session 6: Thursday 11th March


All via Zoom, 10am-12 noon

Sign up for a free information webinar about the Charity Board Leadership Programme on 17th November, 1-1.45pm or on Tuesday 8th December, 1-1.45pm

During the programme, and in the months after it ends, you will apply to join real boards of real charities with our support. You will need to have at least 3-6 hours outside the sessions to make these applications.

Course fees 

£875 per person.

Our candidates often have their course fees paid for by their employer from professional development or CSR budgets. Payment must be made in full before the start of the course.

10% discount for people working in HR or responsible business/CSR because we recognise you as important future ambassadors for trusteeship.

Applications for spring 2021 are now open. Deadline: 7th January 2021.


Sign up for a free information webinar about the Charity Board Leadership Programme on 17th November 2020, 1-1.45pm or on Tuesday 8th December, 1-1.45pm.

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