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The Festival of Trusteeship 2022 was our best ever event!


The week-long online series of events was stuffed with exciting options for people who want to become trustees, trustees who want to keep learning and developing, and for charity leaders who want to understand best practice in trustee recruitment and diversity.

This year we had:

2,344 bookings
20 events
22 speakers and facilitators
39 panelists (and many more offers)


And boundless enthusiasm, questions, comments and chat from a crowd of festival goers committed to learning about excellence in trusteeship.


 Our special thanks goes to Ecclesiastical whose generous sponsorship meant we were able to keep the festival sessions affordable or free, and to Third Sector, our media partner for spreading the word far and wide.

We had a whopping four sessions daily every day for five days, with a mix of webinars, clinics and panel discussions about the topics that matter to trusteeship today.  

And it's certainly not over.


We've compiled 18 electrifying and illuminating sessions into a box set that you can buy for £25 and rewatch whenever you want. You can share the love with your fellow trustees so that everyone can work towards changing the face of trusteeship.


As well as the full recordings, the box set also includes all the chat transcripts which were full of comment, tips and thoughts form other participants. 

Session included: 

  • Webinar with live Q&A: Is my board mediocre? 

  • Panel discussion: Smashing the cut glass ceiling: is being working class a barrier to trusteeship?

  • Webinar with live Q&A: What is a trustee and how do I become one?

  • Panel discussion: Life well lived: how does lived experience enrich a boardroom?

  • Webinar with live Q&A: Could I become a charity chair?

  • Panel discussion: Building each other up: developing supportive board behaviours

  • Panel discussion: Mistakes I’ve made as a trustee 

  • Panel discussion: Should trustees be paid? 

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