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Working out what you need on your board

How to use these resources

How to create an audit

Read up on how to complete a successful skills audit and successfull diversity audit on the Reach Volunteering website.

Advert template & examples

Use our trustee advert template to create a public notice. See other charities' successful ads.

Advertising for specific roles

Scroll down the page on the Reach Volunteering website for a range of role specific trustee descriptions.

Advertising to specific demographics

See "Where to target your advert" section above

Candidate information packs

These templates and examples give applicants a clear idea of what you need and what the role involves.


This template keeps track of each candidate's respective skills so you make informed, unbiased, objective decisions.


Our guide to the interview process and questions to ask is particularly useful to charities new to open recruitment.


Successful recruitment of diverse trustees is only the first step. A successful induction is key to retaining your newly appointed trustees

Board operations

These essential documents should form part of the induction pack and be available in an easy to access location for future reference

Download Zip File

Download our step by step tools, templates and examples to help you to find trustees for your charity

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