Give back to a cause you love - and boost your health, happiness & career too.

Becoming a charity trustee allows you to give back to a cause that you care passionately about while gaining new skills, confidence and connections.


But with an estimated 100,000 charity trustee vacancies in the UK, it can be difficult to know where to start. How To Become a Charity Trustee is a practical toolkit for charity trustee volunteering that gives clear guidance on how to get started. It covers:

  • What a trustee is

  • Responsibilities of a trustee

  • Finding the right role

  • Crafting your application

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Who is this guide for?

Whether you’re a young person looking for board-level leadership experience, mid-career and expanding your horizons, or approaching retirement and wanting a fresh challenge, this guide will help you step into trusteeship.

‘A guide like this is important so that others realise, what I wasn’t told, that this route is not just for those with degrees or business qualifications, but that there is a role at the top table for those who’ve graduated from the university of life.’

Bushra Ahmed, Chair of the Small Charities Coalition, vice-chair at the Asian Resource Centre Croydon and trustee of the Mayor of Croydon’s charities


‘This guide is invaluable in helping you understand the skills you have to offer, so you can find the right role as a trustee. Becoming a trustee can feel like a lot of responsibility, but it’s a brilliant feeling knowing you really are contributing where it’s needed.’

Amelia Papworth, Trustee, Cambridge Money Advice Centre


‘This guide will be helpful to potential trustees in understanding the benefits of taking on this responsibility and hopefully hearing from others about their experiences will only help to further that desire to apply for roles and make that next step in becoming a trustee.’

Rob Avann, Chief Executive, Open University Students Association

A digital copy of the guide will be available to download for free, from Monday 2 November at More details coming soon!

The full-colour, print version of the guide is available exclusively for purchase from DSC.


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