How To Become a Charity Trustee :
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2 November

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"This guide is invaluable in helping you understand the skills you have to offer, and find the right role as a trustee. It’s a brilliant feeling knowing you really are contributing where it's needed."

Amelia Papworth, Trustee at the Cambridge Money Advice Centre

What is a charity trustee?

A trustee is a volunteer who helps to lead a charity. Being a charity trustee can boost your
health, your happiness, your career and your network. But with hundreds of thousands of
charities in the UK, how do you know where to start?

How do I become a charity trustee?

This guide is your one-stop shop for becoming a charity trustee. We lay out what being a
trustee is, what your responsibilities are, how to find a charity that’s right for you, how to
craft a winning application, and more.

Who is this for?

If you’re looking to give back to a cause you love, while gaining new skills, confidence,
confidence and connections, this guide is for you. And it’s not just for people who want to
become charity trustees. If you work with trustees at a charity, you’ll find the guide is full of
helpful tips and information. Learn more about the guide.

Sponsored by Ecclesiastical

To get your copy when it launches