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Working in partnership with you

 Getting on Board's talent development through charity trusteeship benefits your organisation, your people and society

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Benefits to you and your people

Often some of the most capable people within society, people like your employees and students don’t seek out trusteeship.

This may be because they don’t know about it, or because they feel they are ill-equipped to perform or think that their skills, knowledge and experience aren't relevant to the role.


Leading a charity helps equip your people with the skills and mindsets needed to
tackle today’s leadership issues and translate that into action within your
organisation and the wider world.


  • Relationship building

  • Agility and adaptability

  • Innovation and creativity

  • Organisational governance

  • Decision-making

  • Conflict management

  • Negotiation

  • Better self- confidence

  • Critical thinking

  • Great well-being

  • Improved life-work balance

  • Better employee retention

  • Better employee satisfaction

  • Employee motivation

  • Giving back to society

  • Brand recognition


The transferable skills and benefits of trusteeship

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     Tailored for you
  • Online lunch and learn sessions about trusteeship attuned to meet your organisation's objectives

  • A one-to-one advice session discussing how trusteeships can support talent development within your organisation

     Working together
  • A year-long plan to support and embed leadership development

  • Support tracking impact

  • Regular facilitated cross-sector round tables with our other employer partners on trusteeship

Our partnership offer

Charity Board Leadership Programme

The Charity Board Leadership Programme guides participants through what makes an effective, strategic and responsible trustee. Many people who've taken the programme find a position within weeks of completing the course (some even find a position while the course is still ongoing!).

Our flagship six-week programme has six cohorts a year. Employers and universities can join one of the six open cohorts we run a year, or commission their own. 


Employer story

"The Getting on Board Partnership is a holy grail for me in terms of employee development."

Emma Turnbull, Pro Bono/Comms Affairs Officer

Becoming a partner

Our work with managers, executives, administrators, students and workers just like yours helps them become committed and confident charity board


There are three steps: 

  • Informing your employees about trusteeship

  • Supporting them to become trustees

  • Giving them time to carry out trustee responsibilities

Book a call with us to talk through how we can work together. 

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