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Getting on Board is often contacted by charities who are struggling to find useful and capable trustees.  Through working closely with charities and listening to your challenges we've developed a suite of affordable services and programmes to help your charity regardless of where you are in your journey towards greater diversity and inclusion, or the size of your organisation. 

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Transform your charity

Transform is a powerful programme that can bring deep and dynamic change to charities, regardless of size, cause or geographic location.


Getting on Board believes board diversity means having a mix of people on a charity board who have the relevant skills, knowledge, lived and learned experience and background to do the job well and that the mix is representative of the community served and society as a whole. 

The Transform programme can empower your existing trustees to recruit diverse new board members and create an inclusive environment in which to serve. 

Advertise your network's trustee vacancies

Advertise your network's trustee vacancies to Getting on Board candidates and on our social media platforms through our free service.  

As well as posting your advert on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook we also share a monthly round up of all adverts to our extensive newsletter subscriber list. In addition we share the trustee recruitment advert with other relevant organisations with whom we work such as Action for Trustee Racial Diversity.


You can also use our comprehensive directory of other trustee recruitment sites to advertise your trustee vacancies even more widely. 

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Open recruitment

At its most basic, open recruitment means advertising your available trustee positions in a public forum where they can be found by any interested candidate.  


This process gives charities access to a far wider range of suitable candidates  than the traditional method of recruitment, which has often relied on existing trustees recruiting privately through their existing networks of friends and colleagues. 


We have stacks of information and free resources  and affordable services to help you develop a robust open recruitment strategy that will help your charity attract the best candidates for the role, not just the ones who are nearest or available to you.

Board Diversity

Having a diverse board that is composed of people with a range of different ethnicities, ages, genders, abilities, social class and backgrounds will strengthen your board. 


Evidence has indicated that companies with diverse management teams outperform their peers, and there is early evidence to suggest that this is also true within the charity sector. 


Getting on Board offers a suite of affordable services to guide charities through the process, help them assess their needs and train existing trustees on how to recruit and retain diverse trustees.

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