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Our recent campaigns

Through our awareness-raising campaigns, sector conference speeches, and media appearances, we are spreading the open trustee recruitment message and amplifying the voices of those who are campaigning alongside us for greater charity board trustee diversity. We have joined the calls to challenge degree requirements in job ads. Change is happening but we still need to do more!

What makes an outstanding trustee

In September 2021, CEO Penny Wilson chaired an online discussion, hosted by the charity Pilotlight about the qualities that made someone shine as a trustee.


The resulting illuminating conversation has been shared multiple times and can be used as a trustee professional development aid as well. 

Boards behaving badly

In June 2021 at the Charity Times Conference, CEO Penny Wilson took a light-hearted look at the different types of trustee bad behaviour.


Penny’s related LinkedIn post went viral, generating thousands of views, comments and a lengthy debate. 


In autumn 2020 we launched our Board Revolution campaign on social media. We said that a board revolution is necessary to bring change to the charity sector and advance our mission to change the face of trusteeship. Tweaking the edges of board composition or making tokenistic appointments or relegating the subject to endless deferred AOBs is unacceptable.


Our campaign generated numerous debates and conversations online, seized the opportunity to forge connections between likeminded charities and put the diversity and open recruitment debate centre stage. 


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  4. Taken on Trust, Charity Commission 2017 

  5.  The Inclusive Governance 2018 Report, Inclusive Boards 2018]

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