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Historically, becoming a charity trustee has often been about who you know. People have joined boards because of their networks and their connection to existing trustees. But this way of getting on boards wasn’t helping charities find the best people. And it meant too many people who are keen to offer their services haven’t been able to help. We exist to change that.


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Trustee boards are of vital importance to charities. Almost every charity has one, and almost all boards are made up of volunteers. Without good governance from that board, the charity may struggle to meet its mission and fulfil its potential, so it’s important that we get this right.


Getting on Board was founded to close that gap between charities which are keen to find better trustees, but aren’t sure how, and those people who can meet that need, but need a road map to navigate their way.


Over the years, we’ve become particularly interested in growing the diversity of backgrounds and of thought on trustee boards, and we’ve found that more and more employers are keen to help their staff to join charity boards, because of all the benefits it brings.


Our 2017 research (The looming crisis in charity trustee recruitment) found that 90% of charities recruit most of their trustees through word-of-mouth and existing networks. But our vision is of an environment in which open, professional recruitment of trustees is the norm and the expectation, and we want your help to get there.


Getting on Board exists to:

1. Strengthen society by increasing charities’ ability to attract diverse trustees and to build strong boards.

2. Help individuals to make the world a better place, by making trusteeship more accessible.