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Programmes Officer

Rozena is a charity professional with background in education, democracy, governance, research, psychology, and EDI. Rozena started her journey in governance whilst volunteering as an elected Student Trustee at her Students Union in her final year of University, and volunteering as an elected member of a Democratic Procedures Committee at another Students Union whilst studying for her Masters. 


After graduating from University, Rozena worked at another Students' Union for four years, administering, delivering and coordinating student democratic decision-making processes and elections, ensuring that these systems were inclusive, accessible, engaging and sustainable. During this time, she started volunteering at a school as a Co-Opted School Governor, as well as volunteering with Action For Trustee Racial Diversity UK and The British Psychological Society.


Outside of professional life, Rozena enjoys numerous hobbies, from creative hobbies (arts, crafts, photography and videography), to travelling to exercising. 

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