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Tessé Akpeki


Tessé Akpeki FCG is Lead Governance Consultant at Bates Wells, a Senior Associate Consultant at NCVO, a Chartered Secretary, Mediator, Coach and Facilitator.

Tessé combines cutting edge governance and leadership approaches with pragmatic wisdom, curiosity, cultural approaches and behavioural strategies. Tessé served as an Equal Opportunities Commissioner, a Non-Executive in the NHS (13 years), a governor of International Students House (ISH) and served as a chair of the Governance and Nominations Committee of ISH until December 2019.  

An evangelist of the benefits of the impact of behaviours, values and culture, Tessé extols the impact of board dynamics from composition, effectiveness impact, effective decision making, leadership styles and tone.

Tessé judges the Charity Governance Awards sponsored by Clothworkers and the BOND diversity awards. In 2019 she was invited to Parliament to speak about diversity leadership at the APPG meeting on charities and volunteering. She is author of “Emotional Board”  published by the Donors Experience, Crafted for Performance: The Place of Behaviours in Shaping High Performance Governance and Coach Your Way to Better Governance published by Charity Channel (You and Your Nonprofit Board, Advice and Practical Tips for the Field ‘s Top Practitioners, Researchers, and Provocateurs). 

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