Inclusion Training: adapting board behaviours to equip new trustees to contribute fully

Many charities are, rightly, looking at the diversity of their boards and finding room for improvement. Being reflective of the communities you serve (or wish to serve) is simply the right thing to do and research shows that performance and outcomes improve when you have a diverse board. However, recruiting for greater diversity is not enough. We must also focus on inclusion to retain and make the most of the talent and benefits that different perspectives and experiences bring to the board.


As new trustees, we can all feel intimidated, uncomfortable and out of our depth. These feelings are likely to be magnified for new trustees who feel "different" to those who are already around the board table. As boards, we tend to put the burden of assimilation (and performance) onto our new trustees. But there are ways that we should adapt our own board behaviours too, to equip our new trustees to contribute fully.

The training focuses on understanding what inclusion means, what it might feel like to be in a non-inclusive environment, and how you can actively work to create an inclusive culture where everyone on your board feels valued and respected. In the session, we will look at barriers to inclusion, how we move from diversity to inclusion, and inclusive board leadership. The aim is to equip participants to think about their own board practice, encourage further discussion within your organisation, and provide a basis for creating the culture you need for your charity and trustees to excel. 


Charities might commission this before they diversify their board, as part of an active trustee recruitment process, or as ongoing learning.

Who is it for: Individual charity boards 

Cost: £500, including preparatory call

Duration: 1.5 hours online facilitated training

Delivered by: a Getting on Board governance and inclusion expert