Want to enhance your skills, build your network, boost your confidence and give back to a cause you love? Becoming a charity trustee can do all this and more. But it can be hard to know where to start.


Board Match is a one-to-one remote coaching service which will support you along your journey to become a charity trustee. Register today.


Cost: £225


We offer you:

1.         a one-hour audio or video call with a Board Match coach;

2.         two Board Match briefing packs, packed with useful information about becoming a trustee;

3.         up to one hour of further 1:1 support from your Board Match coach to help you prepare your applications and get ready for interview.


Your Board Match coach will use your call to:


  1. Introduce you to the sector

A short introduction to the charity sector and how trustees fit in, including the most common questions around trusteeship such as time commitment and liability.


2. Define your passions and interests

Which charitable causes interest you? What sort of organisation interests you? Why do you want to become a trustee? What are your motivations? How will you be sure you have found what you are looking for?


We will discuss with you the range of charities which might be of interest to you. Your Board Match coach will have looked at your registration form and, with you, will work to identify a shortlist of ‘cause areas’ and types of charities. This will help you when you come to search for roles.


3. Explain how to package up your skills, experience and knowledge to maximise your chances of success

An in-depth discussion of your background and how you will need to “package” this so that charities understand what it is you offer them. Your coach will explain some of the common challenges that charities face and how your background might be helpful to charities. This will help you when you come to apply and will maximise your chances of a successful application.  


4. Support you to to find the trustee role for you

We’ll explain the most common ways to find trustee vacancies and ways to apply, introduce the key trustee finder sites to you and talk through the due diligence you should follow.  After the call you will receive a list of relevant websites in your second briefing pack.


5. Equip you with the skills to find and apply for a trustee role

An in depth-discussion about cover letters, CVs and speculative approaches. You will receive a template cover letter in your second briefing pack. We’ll also touch on how to research the charities that interest you, and how to prepare for a trustee interview.


6. Help you to become an effective trustee

All new trustees want to do the best job they can for their chosen charity. We’ll explain how you can make sure you receive full induction and training so that you hit the ground running and keep up to speed with charity governance. Your Board Match coach will also outline some of the key attributes of the most effective trustees.


You may not need all of the above, so your coach will ask you at the start of the call what you would like to focus on.


After the call, you will have up to one hour of further support from your Board Match coach. You might like to have them comment on your CV or cover letter, or ask them to help you prepare for interview. Please note that we do not prepare vacancy lists or applications on your behalf, but we will teach you how to do that yourself.


Our coaches have combined experience of over 100 years in the charity sector.


Board Match is open to anyone. Whatever your age or profession, we know that with the right support, anybody can become an effective trustee.


Cost: £225. Payment must be made before you are matched with your Board Match coach.


Have a budget for learning and development? Many of our candidates ask their employer to pay our fee since becoming a trustee is a brilliant way to develop and enhance skills, networks and strategic board experience.


Register today.

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